Preventative HVAC Services from Texas Custom Air AC Heating & Refrigeration

Preventative Maintenance Plans

With hot summers and dips in temperatures during winter, it is vital to maintain your home HVAC system in order to prevent costly repairs and to keep the system running efficiently. In an effort to keep your HVAC system protected, we offer individualized HVAC preventative maintenance plans. Our customized plans include an A/C inspection in preparation for summer and a heating inspection before winter.

Save Money with Texas Custom Air AC Heating & Refrigeration

There are many benefits to regularly performed HVAC system maintenance.  Some of the benefits include:

 Extending the life of your HVAC equipment. Cleaning and maintaining the parts of your HVAC system will help extend the life of the equipment.

 Reducing reactive HVAC repair costs. Our certified service technicians can help identify potential problems in your HVAC system.

 Reducing energy costs.  A maintained HVAC system will operate more efficiently.

 Keeping your HVAC equipment warranty valid.  Many warranty companies require proof of routine maintenance in order to keep warranty in effect.

Pool Equipment Repair by Texas Custom Air

Pool Equipment Repairs

In addition to providing professional, expert HVAC service & repair, we are qualified to install, repair, or replace your pool equipment. This includes pool filters, pool heaters, spa heaters, and more. Give us a call for all of your pool & spa needs.